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I have never seen any French packs in Montreal, so I think you will only find English packs.Here are a bunch of stores I recommend: Card Palace 932 Avenue Sainte Croix, Montreal, QC H4L 3Y6 Valet De Coeur 4408 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2J 2L1 (site is in French) Face To Face Games 4425 rue Wellington Verdun, Quebec, Canada H4G 1W6 Gamerz Co-Op (used to be called Aux Jeux) 40-1000 St Jean's Blvd Pointe-Claire, Quebec H9R 5P1 Chez Geeks 1663 St Denis St, Montreal, QC H2X 3K4 Chez Geeks and Valet De Coeur are in "downtown" Montreal, and all of them except for Gamerz Co-Op can be accessed pretty easily by our subway system. You don't have too many options downtown beyond Chez Geeks ( ) and Le Valet de Coeur ( ) These are smallers stores which I usually frequent for edh or the occasional gameday event.If you discover any updated or incorrect information, please email You are required to have two letters of recommendation for SRS and one for breast augmentation or top surgery. For FTMs the pricing is 9,750$ for top surgery, and 43,900$ for a phalloplasty. Maud Bellanger performs the mastectomy (top surgery).It can be written by a therapist, counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist or social worker. D., and the other has to be by someone with at least a master's degree. If you are male to female, you will need to pay 2,000$ Canadian dollars to schedule a date for SRS.While most French players are totally cool and will have no problem with you speaking English with them, there's always the possibility of an occasional jerk that might give you a hard time about it. The competition there is very strong, and there's a good chance you might get paired up against experienced pros and grinders like Alex Hayne, Jon Stern, Daniel Grenier, Vincent Alvarez, and several others.I personally enjoy the challenge of playing against better players and/or deck builders, so my suggestion is don't be intimidated by any of them and look at those match-ups as good opportunities to learn from the best.I'm going to be in Montreal during the Dragon's Maze pre-release weekend and I was wondering if anyone can recommend a store downtown for me to go to.

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