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This process, hard and tedious as it was, was easier for most than going to mill — the most convenient being four miles below Brookville. Colonel Pierce, who was the first to sow wheat in the township, and perhaps in the countv, that being in the fall of 182 1, was compelled to go to that distance to get it ground — taking two days to go and two to come back. It was some years before a store was established in the township, the nearest being Benson's, where Spring Hill now is, and at Arthur Major's, two or three miles below the present St. But very little store goods sufficed in that day: all articles of wear were home-made; spinning and weaving were a part of the regular employment of the women of every l OO DECATUR COUNTY, INDIANA. His son, Austin Clark, was a Methodist exhorter and, in connection with Jonathan Tindale, who came at the same time, established the first Methodist society in the township. Archi- bald Clark, a brother of Austin, settled on Little Flatrock, near the center of the township. Paul, and was one of the first, if not the very first, to erect a mill in the county. Of course, these were small affairs compared with modern mills. They were devoted mostly to grinding corn, but were provided with bolts which were turned by hand and each customer had to turn his own grist. Shelhorn also, in 1821, laid oft' a town on the bluft' immediately above the confluence of Big and Little Flatrock, called Rockville, which was the first town laid oft' in the county.

Peter Zeigler bought one hundred and sixty acres, which was soon after- ward sold to Martin Adkins, and is now owned by Joseph D. He also bought one hundred and sixty acres just west of the present site of St. Jonathan Mc Carty bought one hundred and sixty acres where the Michigan road crosses Big Flatrock; J. Robison, two hundred and forty acres immediately south of Mc Carty's, and J\Ir.

The Miami tribe of Indians were still in the country. 97 hunted with them, and Hved on terms of mutual friendship.

In the fall of 1820, the land, having been surveyed, was offered for sale at Brookville.

The site was a beautiful one for a town, but, failing to be made a county seat, all further effort to Iniild up a town was abandoned. The early records of the church were destroyed when the parson- age burned in 1914, and hence the earlv history of the church is lacking in (15) 226 DECATUR COUNTY, INDIANA. About 1858 a union church was erected in the town and it seems to have been used principally by the Methodists and the Lutherans. The pul- pit was changed from the end to the side of the building and a choir loft was installed in the rear of the pulpit.

David Jewett entered a considerable tract of land just east of Shelhorn, on Little Flatrock. The present membership of the Milford church is one hundred and ten. The fact that the Lutherans outnumbered the Methodists caused the church to be usually known as the Lutheran church. The same year the congregation erected the present building. The pews were changed and art windows and frescoing added to the general attractiveness of the interior. Omer circuit, but in 1866, at the close of the first year's pastorate of Robert Roberts, it was placed in the St. The min- isters since 1859 have been- as follow: S.

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