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Louisas father, Richard, was commander of the Vigilant at the time.

Perhaps Richard was later introduced into the Bouverie family, resulting in the marriage of Louisa and Charles sixteen years after that letter was written. Returning to Louisa, she is recorded as living with her parents at the time of both the 1851 (click here) and 1861 census (click here).

Her father was George Skelton (1796 - 1876) born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, son of Edward (1772 - 1847) and Mary (1772 - 1846) [maiden name unknown], both of whom died in Salisbury.

A letter dated 19 July 1830 to William Henry Fox Talbot, the famous early photographer, from his sister Horatia describes a rather aristocratic water-party that took place on board the Vigilant cutter, which belongs to Mr H Bouverie as commissioner of the customs.

Mrs Bouverie seems a rather cold manner of referring to a close cousin. Or maybe she was just bitter life had not been particularly kind to her [Louisa died on 13th January 1913.

The two executors of her Will were Arthur Gowlland (presumably the fourth child and second son of Richard (1857-1926 - her nephew) and Elizabeth Rosina Susan Gowlland (her sister-in-law, who herself died a couple of years later)[Contributed by Neil Gowlland Spring 2006 with many thanks to Richard Josceleyne who transcribed the wills (not an easy task) and provided invaluable inputs concerning the interpretation of Emmas will]At the time of the 1861 census (click here) he was living in Mitford Road West, Islington East, described as "lodger - age 21 - unmarried - optician microscope maker - born Wapping Middlesex", in the house of Charles Dawson (head - 39 - married - optician microscope maker), his wife and five children.

Charles died a few days short of their first wedding anniversary (click here for his death certificate, which stated that he had been suffering from phthisis, nowadays known as tuberculosis, for nine months prior to his death) and there were no children of that marriage; and Louisa did not re-marry.

The record of his death indicates that he and Louisa were living at 22 Noel Street, Islington, at the time.

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