Egg carton code dating

And, after all of this, you still don't trust the egg company to do the math between the Julian date and the "best by" date, then either break out the calculator or pick a different brand to buy. For many grocery shoppers, the “best by” date is one of the first things they look for when picking up items such as milk and eggs.For starters, they might not be as fresh as you think, despite the carton's "best by" label.Here's what you need to know in order to avoid some bad eggs.

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For the purposes of this webpage, shell eggs include only chicken eggs (of the species Gallus domesticus) that are graded in a federally registered grading station (unless otherwise noted).In other words, the FDA does not require that egg producers mark their cartons with a “best by” date- it is up to the manufacturers to decide whether to do so.And according to Fresh Eggs Daily, that optional “best by” date is not telling of how old the eggs may be.But shockingly, when it comes to eggs, that “best by” date may not be the best indicator of freshness.As Cosmopolitan reports, with the exception of baby formula, the “best by” marking on products is done at the discretion of the food manufacturer.

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