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is one of the better-known, better-run sites, though probably only half of the women are true freelancers (the other half are being advertised by a service).If you’re making arrangements with a freelancer you’ve found in a bar, obviously you can see what you’re getting.If you’re interested in reading other men’s reviews of the escort you’re considering, you might want to consider a membership in one of the review sites, like TER ( or These sites also provide discreet identity verification services for both you and the escort.

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For example, a friend found a pro in a high-end strip club who charged 00 to meet later that night.Note that the word “independent” in the vital statistics doesn’t mean she’s really independent–even women who work for services are technically “independent.” Also, if you email Candy, and a girl calls the number you’ve provided in your email and says, “I’m Candy,” it’s probably Candy.Tell her that you specifically want Candy, so that she understands you won’t pay if someone else shows up.Then they will call you back at your room to verify that you’re really you and not a prank caller.This also provides a degree of safety to the woman.

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